The first thing shown in Back to the Future part 1 and 3 is Doc's house and scientist's pictures that look like Presidents.

His house is The White House. Doc's address 1640 is like Trump's birthdate 6/14. The White House will be destroyed like Doc's mansion got destroyed.


In the movie both Doc and Biff is Donald Trump.

Goldie Wilson



Goldie Wilson 1955


Goldie Wilson 1985


Goldie Wilson 1985

Brewster's Millions

Goldie Wilson 2015

Back to the Future came out in 1985 and so did Brewster's Millions. Richard Pryor ran for Mayor with his 30 million bucks he was trying to spend. Cubs win World Series when Back to the Future prophecies began.

Goldie Wilson is played by the actor Donald Fullilove.

Goldie Wilson is Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

Biff is played by Thomas F. Wilson.

Biff is Trump


Alternate 1985

I brake for birds.

Donald Duck Trump.


Youtube video. Click play button in the middle.

The Apprentice

Biff showed up in the TV show called "The Mayor" with a gun to his head and the Mayor was wearing a re-elect hat, because he's Obama and Biff is Trump. Goldie Wilson III for Obama 3rd term.

Dennis the Menace's neighbor Mr. Wilson is Donald Trump. Dennis shoots him in the forehead. The year is 2017 because Mr. Wilson's address is 1618. The 17 is missing. Trump became President in 2017.

In Stephen King's movie "Dead Zone" Christopher Walken subliminally assassinates Senator Stillson. Stillson rhymes with Wilson, because Stillson is Trump.




Rev John Crump

People relate Assembly of Christ to Easter.

Easter morning 2016 Trumps tombstone was placed in Central Park.

Trump's Assassination



On November 5th, 1955 Doc and Trump have assassination attempts.

The only Tombstone in Back to the Future 2 is dated 315 and born April fools day.

On 31/5 you have a beheaded prank.

Dealey Plaza


Dealey Plaza site of John F. Kennedy's assassination has the same layout as Hill Valley's Town Square. The film is released on Nov. 22 the anniversary of JFK's death. Why is there a re-enactment of JFK's death in the movie? Because they are doing another assassination hoax. The assassination of Donald Trump.


Youtube video. Click play button in the middle.

Trump's Assassination 1/16


Doc's death (Trump's death) to the end of the year is 116 days.

This was Mr. Burns funeral (in a sense),

and the next scene standing as President 116.

Doc shot at the 116 Twin Pines mall scene.

3 / 31 / 18   The Atomic Bomb


Marty travels through The Atomic Kid to arrive at the mall at 1:33 a.m.

Doc is getting shot by the Libyans over the Bomb he made them out of pin ball parts and kept the Plutonium. The Atomic Bomb looks like it happens the first 3/31 after Trump's Assassination. It will destroy Doc's Mansion (The White House).



The Twin pines mall is the Twin Towers.



The Lone pine mall is the one world trade building.


The circle light is from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. That gives us the year.


Youtube video. Click play button in the middle.


Jaws 3D has Lorraine Baines McFly in it for a reason. Jaws 3D was released July 22. Freemason pi day is July 22, because 22/7 = 3.14. Back to the Future 2 is predicting a catastrophic event on July 22, 2019. The year will be 2019, because Jaws 19.

Broncos, Cavs, Cubs, Election year 2016


They go to the year 2015, but the picture is back one year. Election year 2016. Re-elect Mayor Goldie Wilson Jr. posters.

Lebron James 23 in Back to the Future 2

On the very right is a Lebron James 23 poster. Cavs won 2016.


Broncos back to the future

Broncos won the Super Bowl in 2016.

cubs back to the future

Cubs won the World Series in 2016.


The Broncos opponent was the Panthers. They foretold a Miami baseball team and a Carolina football team.

Major League


Major League and Back to the future 2 made in 1989.

Melania Trump

Donald Trump is dead.


The 2016 Indians is the "Miami" that played against the Cubs in the Back to The Future 2 World Series. She wanted the team to lose so she could move them to Miami.


The first scene with jerseys.

In reduced gematria, Indians = 9+5+4+9+1+5+1 = 34.

Jersey number 16 = 2016.

Indians in 2016


Pictures back one


year & SB 51


In Back to the Future they go to the year 2015, but the picture is back one year. Notice the "pictures back in 1-hour". See the fox and LI. The Patriots play in Foxborough, Massachusetts and they won Super Bowl LI.

Mandela Effect


They foretold the Mandela effect with the two different VW logos. The one on the left no longer exists on any cars. They magically transformed into the new one. My theory is they go back in time and change stuff like in the movie. The Clayton Ravine is now the Eastwood Ravine. The Twin pines mall is now the Lone pine mall. The Berenstein Bears is now The Berenstain Bears.


They replaced Claudia Wells with Elisabeth Shue not because Claudia was busy (that was her only movie), but because they not only change titles of movies and famous lines, but they also change the actor or actress.

Berenstein got stained and Einstein is full of crap.

Flat earth

Flat earth clock in the opening scene. They predicted the time of letting the public know that the earth was flat. The flat earth movement started late 2015.