"Once Upon a Time" season finale. Black fairy's license plate says "45th President" and it's her car and she dies. The final scene was at Henry's door number 815. You would think on May 18 the 119th day in office the 45th President dies, but "Car Bomb" in gematria = 21. Delayed to May 21, 2017.

The 119 day in office is May 18 and a planned story telling crash happened in NY on 45th st. and Bubba Gump. That's a 45th President Donald Trump "Car Bomb" crash.

On the wall there was "invicta"

and "Plutonium."

The Invictus Games 2016 was held in Orlando and they used the same 116 "Car Bomb" card at the Orlando NIghtclub Massacre on June 11, but it was a planned delay for after midnight so the story would be June 12, 2016. Remember in Gematria "Car Bomb" equaled 21. Read right to left and the delay turned the 11 into 12.

The Invictus  Games 2017 will be in Toronto and on May 18, the day of this crash, the Toronto Blue Jay's had a game delay, because the assassination on 119 day in office had a planned delay to the 21st of May because "Car Bomb" = 21.


Trump killed in South Park.

Shot in the forehead on his Rome trip.

This one is my favorite because I didn't understand it until the movie Beauty and the Beast came out on theater more than 5 months after they were wearing the t-shirts. Beauty and the Beast is the main show playing on theater when the assassination occurs.

Lebron wears an Undertaker t-shirt during the 2016 NBA Finals vs. The Warriors and an Ultimate Warrior t-shirt after he won the Finals. Undertaker bury's souls and the Ultimate warrior is dead. Undertaker retired at Wrestle Mania 33. A planned sequence for Trump death. Celtics t-shirt, because Lebron just beat the Celtics in the Eastern Conference championship and in a Gematria fashion that shows May 31st as the assassination date. June 1, 2017 game 1 vs. the Warriors in the NBA Finals. A repeat, this time Undertaker's dead. The Ultimate Warriors win.

May 31 was Trump's Assassination date. When you put May 31st in the Gematria calculator it equals the same scores of the Cavs vs Celtics games.


221 points.

216 Points. 6 x 6 x 6 = 216

211 Points.

237 Points with Cavs 5-31 tribute.

This Germany plane crash made me curious because why would they show a German pilot next to the Golden Gate bridge. Well, since we know the date of the Atomic Bomb, I wanted to see how many days from the Plane crash to March 31, 2018 and it is 1104 days. 411 is Freemason's Assassin code. Also, Flight number 9525 in Gematria "nine five two five" = 1104. It will be the biggest Assassin since the Twin Towers.

Doc's death (Trump's death) to the end of the year is 116 days.

Mr. Burns funeral (in a sense),

and the next scene standing as President 116.

Doc shot at the 116 Twin Pines mall scene.