Princess Diana's perfume and the fake beheadings.



I used this photo in my beheading video.

A year later they are using the same photo only adding a helicopter and making up a different story to go with it.


NASA flipping upside down to put "ISIS" in your face.

They Live




Rowdy Roddy Piper fights his buddy because he wont put on the glasses to see truth. Nobody wants to hear the truth. It's a struggle to share truth.






This is the most volatile close footage ever captured by NASA instruments of the sun increasingly releasing record levels of radiation. Scientists fear the erratic behavior of the sun and its volatile solar activity may affect the earth's axis and slow down it's rotation causing wide scale disruption in communication signals and natural disasters.


Golden Gate Bridge


The magazine known for it's coding begins in 2017 because of the Spider-Man.

Bottom left corner is a catastrophic event at the site of Super Bowl 50, San Francisco. But Super Bowl 54 is the 50th modern-era Super Bowl held in Miami. Super Bowl 54 is in 2020.


Release date 7 / 7.

Bottom right corner the arrow 114 is missing. Freemason's assassin code is 411. Trump's Assassination in the year 2017.

Many movies with the 76 gas sign next to the Bridge. Freemasons like to read right to left. 6-7-2020.


In the 2016 South Park season finale they "Halved Houston".
The computer say's it's real, no fear porn.

But really they are going to half San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge.

They blew up Houston's NASA station. But it looks like a football stadium.

Houston was the site of Super Bowl 51, but really they are going to blow up the site of the modern day Super Bowl 50.


Back to the Spider-man 7/7 date. Also on 7/7 They retook the photo at the G20 in Germany and China made a huge Panda solar farm. To confirm the magazine coding is true.

Michelle Obama



This was a skit during the 2004 Presidential election Kerry vs. Bush. They already showed us Michelle Obama. And in the skit Bush calls Saddam "Saddama".


Illuminati card game made in 1995.